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Filter cartridges

Excellent materials for hundreds of possibilities

Our production of filter cartridges is divided into diameters between 100 and 660mm, with lengths up to 2000mm, with large filtering surfaces compared to traditional bag filters.

For our filter cartridges we only use excellent quality filter materials: polyester, polypropylene, cellulose, all certified by the German institute IFA-BGIA.

The excellent materials are completed by different types of finishes: Teflon coating, hydro and oil-repellency, flame retardant, antistatic, just to name a few.

One of our main values is the flexibility, which we also implement in the production of our filter cartridges, and every department of ours productive line is equipped with machinery with constantly updated software, for the creation of a finished cartridge filter and with a view to optimizing the process every time and improving every time.

Why choose our filter cartridges?

  • Ease of installation.
  • Construction accuracy, down to the smallest detail.
  • Low consumption of compressed air for cleaning.
  • Competitive price thanks to the internal production process.

Filter cartridges

Download the catalog to discover the project, the cleaning systems, the fixing flanges, the filtering fabrics, the cartridges and the panels.

Download the catalog in PDF


This first chapter of the catalog lists the uses and benefits of Altair cartridges, also providing detailed data and reports for choosing the most suitable cartridge for your needs.

  • Fields of application.
  • List for sizing the air/fabric ratio for ALTAIR filter cartridges in relation to the different types of dust.
  • Pretreatment of ALTAIR cartridges with AEROSIL precoating.
Download the catalog in PDF

Fixing flanges

This chapter illustrates the possible ways of fixing the Altair cartridges with detailed diagrams.

  • CAR Series (Type P, PS, OF, OO, OS, O, V, TUB, FIL)
  • CARL 2 Series (Type M)
Download the catalog in PDF

Cartridges and panels

In this last chapter are available the codes of the Altair cartridges based on:

  • Series
  • Diameter
  • Cartridge height
  • Filter fabric
  • Venturi

Coding of the CAR series, the CAR2L series and the PAN series.

Download the catalog in PDF

cleaning systems

In-depth analysis of the best cleaning systems (mechanical and pneumatic) for Altair cartridges, based on the different technical characteristics.

  • Table for sizing “pulse-jet” cleaning systems.
  • Rotating nozzle cleaning systems.
  • Cartridge washing with pressure washer.
  • Internal and external Venturi tubes for ALTAIR Ø145, Ø218, Ø325 filter cartridges.
  • Cleaning systems for ALTAIR CAR2L series filter cartridges.
Download the catalog in PDF

Filter fabrics

In this section you can consult the list of fabrics available for making Altair cartridges, the relative technical data sheets and the indication of the optimal field of application for each filtering fabric.

  • Filter media (Description and certification)
  • Cellulose filter media data sheets (6066, 6066-AL, 7033)
  • Technical data sheet filter media 80% in cellulose, 20% in polyester (8020)
  • Nanofiber filter media data sheets (8020-NANO, NWEB, COL180B-NANO)
  • Polypropylene filter media data sheets (COL160P)
  • Polyester filter media data sheets (COL200B, COL270B, COL270W, COL270B-AL, COL270B-TF, COL130B-TFM, COL270B-OWR, COL270B-TFM, COL270B-TFMA).
Download the catalog in PDF

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