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Electronic control instruments

The right complement for the plants

Our thirty years of experience in the field of dedusting and air filtration allows us to support our customers not only in the supply of cartridges and filter bags, but also in the development of electronic devices for the control of dedusting plants with high technological innovation.

Our devices are able to control parameters such as differential pressure, temperature, humidity, residual dust, vibrations, deflagration and fire, gas and liquid levels inside tanks, silos and containers. We also have devices for automatic start-up of suction from shutters or machine sensors and for detecting and extinguishing sparks: all our control instruments are equipped with a quick and intuitive menu.

We also offer the first economizers equipped with the Full Auto function, capable of autonomously managing the cleaning of the entire system, preserving and extending the life of the filter elements.

Electronic control systems

Download the complete catalog of our electronic control instruments and the RoHS Declaration of Conformity.

Download the catalog in PDFDownload the RoHS Declaration of Conformity