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Mission & Vision

Flexible, competent, innovative

At Altair, our daily work is focused on improving air quality in companies and production plants by designing and producing filter cartridges and sleeves.

A seemingly simple goal, which is not in practice: to pursue it at best we are flexible, competent and innovative.

Flexible because we believe that dialogue with our customers is a fundamental part of our work to meet requests.

Competent because in order to be a leader for over 30 years in such a complex and technical sector, a thorough knowledge is simply mandatory. And to be competent we constantly update, always trying to improve more and more to ensure the best quality for each of our products by analyzing the materials in our dedicated laboratory.

Our work to improve air quality goes hand in hand with making our production processes increasingly environmentally friendly: at the moment more than 60% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels and we want to increase to 100% by 2027!
This is also why we know that one of the consequences of improving air quality is to improve the quality of life of human beings, everyone, not just those who work in the factories and industries that use our products.

Our values

Our guidelines, every day


In dialogue with our customers, in adapting to our requests. We are not closed because we believe that confrontation is necessary to grow.


In order to be a leader in such a complex and technical sector, we need to have in-depth expertise in this field, thanks to many years of experience in this field.


To meet every request of our customers we have at our disposal a large stock of materials, as well as an internal production line that allows us to be always responsive.


The industry is constantly evolving, and so it must be for those who clean the air: for this reason we constantly update on materials and production processes.


Quality assurance

The quality of our production processes is also attested by the ISO 9001:2015 N.L. 1251/8526D certification, which we have held for many years and which guarantees the quality of all the internal processes we implement in the company, from the materials analysis stage to the entire production process.

Certificato n° 52947

Cisq Cerfiticate: 52947