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Filter cartridges

Excellent materials, flexible manufacturing

The production of our filter cartridges is characterized by great flexibility and thousands of different possibilities to suit the requirements of all customers. We use only the highest quality materials (all certified by the German IFA-BGIA institute).

Filter sleeves

Full cycle, pinpoint accuracy

In addition to filter sleeves, at Altair we also produce pockets, multi-pockets and needle felt bags. A complete cycle to provide our customers with a ready-to-use product made from certified materials (by the German institute IFA-BGIA).

Control tools

For plant management

We also design and assemble electronic control instruments for the management of dedusting plants: we study new technologies every day to complement our products.


Our cartridges and filter bags at the service of different sectors

The filter cartridges and filter bags we produce every day at Altair are the basis of the filter and air purification systems of companies that are part of even very different industries. These include:


Fumes harmful to the health of operators are formed in welding: effective extraction and filtration equipment negates this risk by preventing the expansion of fumes.


Filtration for infinitesimal tolerances is required for electronic components: our filters ensure maximum cleanliness, even in cases of very small particles.

Metal mechanics

Filtration of dust and fumes is also critical in the engineering industry, and must take into account the size, shape and specific weight of the particles.


All paint material that does not settle on the workpiece must be properly filtered to comply with current regulations but most importantly to ensure the safety of all operators.


Dust and sawdust are produced in large quantities and high concentrations during wood processing. This requires effective extraction and filtration equipment.


Pharmaceuticals require a high degree of filtration to increase shelf life, without the need to use ant fermentative products.


Just as with painting, a large amount of dust is produced during sandblasting that remains suspended and must be vacuumed effectively.


The production of plastics involves fumes and gases as residues, which can generate substances that are potentially harmful to health.


The large amount of dust particles produced during chemical processes is very dangerous, even risking explosions.


The food industry requires specific types of filter elements that can, through optimal cleaning, eliminate dust accumulations that cause fermentation and bacterial proliferation.