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Shipping and logistics

Impeccable service

We know that receiving an order in the shortest possible time is a must for many of our customers, constituting a significant advantage over their competitors.

This is why we have our own in-house department dedicated to shipping and logistics, enabling us to fulfill orders on time. This is also thanks to our Altair Filter Code app, which enables our customers to further shorten order timelines.

In addition, our production line is organized to further optimize production time, from receipt of raw materials to packaging and eventual storage of the finished product.

We ship our filter cartridges and filter bags throughout Italy, Europe and outside the European continent.

Shipping and receiving warehouse address
Via Pininfarina, 5/11 – 10040 Leinì (TO) Italy

Mon-fri: 08:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00
Saturday and Sunday closed

Filter cartridges

Excellent materials, flexible manufacturing

The production of our filter cartridges is characterized by great flexibility and thousands of different possibilities to suit the requirements of all customers. We use only the highest quality materials (all certified by the German IFA-BGIA institute).

Filter sleeves

Full cycle, pinpoint accuracy

In addition to filter sleeves, at Altair we also produce pockets, multi-pockets and needle felt bags. A complete cycle to provide our customers with a ready-to-use product made from certified materials (by the German institute IFA-BGIA).

Control tools

For plant management

We also design and assemble electronic control instruments for the management of dedusting plants: we study new technologies every day to complement our products.