Tipo V-TUB – Cartucce pleated bags

V-TUB type


Pleated Bag: Altair Pleated Bag Series pleated filter elements provide an efficient alternative to conventional bag filters.

A wide range of products is available for replacing conventional sleeves with Pleated Bag type elements.

With a range of over 30 types of high-quality filter fabrics, Altair Industrial Filters provides Pleated Bag element solutions for air filtration in various industries and for different types of dust, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.

Altair specializes in the filtration of dust and fumes deriving from cement, metal, aluminium, food, wood, chemicals, powder coating, plasma-laser cutting, sandblasting, yarn, welding and casting.

We offer solutions with customized filter elements, exclusive design filter cartridges for the entire OEM world.

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