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Particles from thermal cut machining are very fine and require high attention to be filtered properly, because they could be very dangerous if inhaled.

But what are the main thermal cut processes?

The technologies that use this type of cutting are oxyfuel (which generates very hot and dusty fumes), plasma (from which a smoke with very fine particles arises), and laser (which produces dust with a particle size scale of a few microns).

Why are such particles dangerous to humans?

They are very dangerous because of their very small size, because if inhaled they could penetrate deep into the lungs, in some cases even reaching the pulmonary alveoli and then entering directly into the bloodstream.

How to avoid the dangers from the particles produced by thermal cutting?

By the use of filter cartridges created specifically for this purpose, such as those we design and manufacture at Altair.

Our products in this range are characterized by low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency (we are in the order of 99.9% with polluting particles between 0.2 to 2 microns), 100% interchangeability due to the wide range of products available, and the possibility of being replaced very easily and quickly.

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