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Smoke and oil mists are very dangerous particles for humans, and it is necessary to control their emissions very carefully.

What, then, are smoke and oil mists?

As we mentioned earlier, they are two products of the use of oil, either alone or in emulsion, when it is brought to very high temperatures or high pressures.

Going into more detail, smoke is generated by high-speed machining centers, melting furnaces, hot stamping, metal processing, as well as during the production process of plastics and rubber.. Its diameter is about 0.5 microns per particle..

Oil (or oily) mist, on the other hand, is the product of using an emulsion of water and oil, and differs from smoke mainly in the size of its particles, which range between 1 and 8 microns.

Why are smoke and oil mists dangerous to humans?

Precisely because of the minute size of their particles, which makes them easily inhaled and therefore potentially very dangerous because they are toxic.

How to avoid the dangers associated with smoke and oil mists?

With ad hoc filter cartridges, just like the ones we design and manufacture at Altair. Our filter cartridges ensure low pressure drop, high storage capacity and, above all, excellent filtering efficiency: they filter 99.9% of pollutant particles with a diameter between 1 and 6 microns and 99% of particles with a diameter of 0.5 microns or more.

Moreover, thanks to the interchangeable prefilter, maintenance time and costs are reduced. An extensive range of diameters and heights makes our filter cartridges the product needed for so many different industries, from lathes and food companies to steel and textiles.

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