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How do our filter sleeves work?

It is a seemingly simple process, but one that requires excellent materials (all BIA-certified) and manufacturing that must ensure millimeter accuracy, with a wide range of finishes to complement it.

Our filter bags, placed inside cages, are mounted on Venturi tubes to function, which follow the physical principle of the same name whereby the pressure of a fluid current increases as its velocity decreases.

“Dirty” air, then, passes through these filters driven by increasing pressure, and is returned to the environment free of all its impurities, potentially harmful to those who work 8 or more hours a day in that environment.

What technologies do we use?

To ensure an excellent result for every single filter sleeve that comes out of our production lines, we use all the latest technologies: from automatic blade cutting, thanks to CAD/CAM software, to the automation of tubing lines that allow us to cut and tubularize felts and fabrics by means of heat sealing.

This ensures that we have the millimeter accuracy we were talking about. Packaging also has to follow a strict procedure: it is done automatically, thanks to manipulators that fold the filter sleeves and pack them continuously.

Before packaging, a QR code is affixed to each of our filter sleeves, which will be used for its identification via our Altair Filter Code app.

The range of fabrics with which we make filter bags is really wide, from cotton fibers to polyester to acrylic, and covers all the main needs of heterogeneous sectors: click here to download our catalog dedicated exclusively to filter fabrics.

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