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All our products are equipped with a QR CODE label: this is an essential identification element, as it contains the product’s “identity card“: from the article code to the production date, including the order number.

Thanks to this data, we can identify everything needed to place your order without any possibility of error: a considerable advantage, given that our production includes around 60,000 different items!

The QR CODE can be easily scanned with any smartphone that uses a barcode scanner.

To further enhance your experience, we have developed an additional service, namely an application that can be downloaded for Android and iOS operating systems, called ALTAIR FILTER CODE.

Thanks to it, by framing the QR CODE , you can find out everything you need to know, and more: in fact, after registering, ALTAIR FILTER CODE will save your company name, identification data, the history of the codes of the items already displayed and the number of relevant orders, allowing you to store information that will always be at your disposal!
For any information, consult the page on our website.