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ALTAIR S.r.l. offers high quality personalised solutions for your filtration and air purification needs.

Our products are the result of many years of experience in the sector, ongoing activity of research and rigorous inspections, and are distinguished by an elevated performance and longevity without comparison.

Our high-tech production range has been used successfully to filter the dustfrom numerous industrial processes.

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The new Altair FILTER CODE app was born and can be downloaded for free on Play Store and Apple Store..
From now it is possible to trace the life of every single filter bag and with a few simple gestures it will be possible to know all the information related to the product (article code, production date, order number).

The new Altair Label, present on every filter bag (with the Altair brand or the anonymous label) can be decoded with anyQR Code eader available for all Android e IOS, phones, or using “Altair FILTER CODE”: with our APP, downloadable for free on Apple Store e Google Play, you can find all the information about your product and, if you wish, send emails to our sales department for requests offers, orders and / or technical information.

By communicating this data to us, we will be able to identify the type of fastening, the filtering fabric, exact measurements of the diameter and height, this will allow a considerable time saving and will avoid any risk of incorrect interpretation.
You will need a simply registration the first time, when you download the APP, and Altair Filter Code will store the name of your company, the identification data and the history of the article codes viewed, the number of related orders allowing the archive of information that will always be available.


Iper ammortamento -250% - Industria 4.0

I sistemi filtranti Altair offrono un notevole vantaggio economico, grazie alla possibilità di beneficiare delle agevolazioni fiscali alla base della legge di Bilancio 2018, in quanto soddisfano i requisiti tecnici previsti dal Piano Industria 4.0.
Il laboratorio Altair, da sempre alla ricerca di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche, ha progettato A-View, un sistema in grado di rendere i nostri filtri interconnettibili e pertanto assoggettabili alla legge dell’IPER AMMORTAMENTO al 250% sui nuovi beni strumentali.
A-View consiste in una innovativa Interfaccia Ethernet con protocollo TCP/IP che permette di identificare l’impianto di aspirazione tramite indirizzo IP e di scambiare informazioni tra il sistema filtrante e la macchina.

Le informazioni scambiate con i sistemi di gestione Altair e le altre macchine sono:

Segnalazione allarme filtro intasato
Anomalie filtro
Comandi da remoto
Lettura ∆P

I nostri tecnici commerciali sono a completa disposizione per approfondire le vostre necessità e offrirvi l’opportunità di beneficiare del risparmio fiscale sull’investimento della tecnologia A-View.

Filtering cartridges

ALTAIR cartridges are available in different diameters, heights, fabrics and fixing systems.The over 1,500 models available are easy to install and designed exclusively with premium filtering materials certified by the German IFA-BGIA Institute

Filtering bags

The ALTAIR product range is produced using Polyester, Polypropylene, Nomex, Rayton, P84, Glass, Teflon and many others. The filtering sleeves, pockets, multipockets and bags in needlefelt can be designed with a vast range of finishes such as Teflon, antistatic, water and oil repellent etc... in standard measurements or to satisfy the needs of customers.

Control systems

High-tech innovation, flexibility in application and ease of use are the main features of our electronic systems to monitor dust removal systems.

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